RealConnect, DataLode�s primary technology platform, enables Conversant Marketing that is permissioned-based, private, and actionable, one-to-one customer communications.
The marketing environment is dynamic and needs fluidity in its communications and support. Yet most marketing automation software or Customer Relationship Management Solutions have lengthy implementation cycles, incur huge costs, and rarely yield a short-term measurable Return on Investment - most take years to attain if ever. DataLode solves this problem with our RealConnect technology that gives Marketers the power they need to communicate now - measurably and effectively - with their customers. And it's a technology Marketers can use without the support of their IT department.

RealConnect has been designed to be a turnkey solution that minimizes IT involvement so Marketers can focus on why they purchase marketing automation technology - to increase customer acquisition, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value.

The RealConnect architecture is the communication infrastructure and tool-set on which DataLode�s products and services are built. The RealConnect architecture consists of three technologies: RealConnect Agent�, RealConnect Design Studio�, and RealConnect Server�. All three technologies function together to form the building blocks for Conversant Marketing. Each component is interdependent on the other as Design Studio creates Agents that in turn connect to the Server that itself receives configuration information from Design Studio as illustrated in the logical model below.

RealConnect empowers all aspects of customer relationship management. This includes marketing, sales, customer service and technical support. Applying our RealConnect technology can result in greater accuracy, immediacy, interactivity, and relevance in data acquisition and management. Therefore, RealConnect fosters and maintains high-value customer-anticipated communications. The RealConnect architecture is the communication infrastructure and tool-set on which DataLode�s products and services are built.

RealConnect enables our customers to extend, modify, repair, or update software, provide requested time-sensitive data, notify recipients of urgent information, or provide an immediate purchase opportunity.

DataLode believes RealConnect means Conversant Marketing. And Conversant Marketing catalyzes high value customer relations. No customer relationship management solution is complete without RealConnect.

Contact us today to learn how your company can user RealConnect to attain your marketing and sales objectives.

Conversant Marketing begins with RealConnect from DataLode.

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