Expand to encompass more customer interactions with RealConnectmobile appsobile.

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Travel Planners International's mission as a travel management company is to develop, support and strengthen relationships to provide efficient and effective solutions for their clients.

"We are commited to developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies for our agents and preferred suppliers."

Increase your market and exposure by motivating customer actions. Imagine presenting your customers with invited "instant-buy" messages at the point in time when they are most likely to purchase.
With the power to interact with your customers in real time without using costly live telephone interaction or requiring your customer to visit your web site. Imagine sending messages or engaging in conversations at the point in time when your customers are most willing to listen.
Marketing, sales, customer service and technical support. Applying our RealConnect technology can result in greater accuracy, immediacy, interactivity, and relevance in data acquisition and management.


As a result of acquisitions and strategic relationships, Encore is a Top Ten interactive software publisher that publishes a complete range of personal productivity, utility, education and game titles. In addition to retail publishing, Encore also sells direct to end users through its managed sites: www.broderbund.com, www.encore.com, www.hoylegaming.com, www.punchsoftware.com, www.punchcad.com, www.kingofcheapgames.com and www.bicyclecardgames.com using Datalode RealConnect Marketing & Commerce.

Hyatt eDeals

Based on your travel preferences, we'll send you regular alerts notifying you when your selected hotels have made their lowest rates available. We guarantee Hyatt eDeals will give you the lowest online rate possible for your selected locations. And with almost two-hundred Hyatt locations to choose from, you'll never have to compromise on your choice of destination.

Eureka Dirt Alert

You'll receive automatic reminders when it's time to change your bag, belt and filter for your vacuum at exactly the right time, based on your needs. When your Dirt Alert pops up, you are redirected to our online store, where you can instantly purchase the items you need for your specific vacuum. There is no hassle trying to figure out which product fits your vacuum type.

Toshiba Registration and Marketing

Toshiba developed five different extended warranty offers to present in real-time to new purchasers of notebooks. The offers are presented based on the information that the customer provides during the product registration process, so the customers get a relevant sales offer based on their personal demographics, product, and product usage.

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